I Never Relied on your Opinion to go with Buhari – Tinubu Replies Abayomi


APC National Leader has composed a letter his ex attorney Tunji Abayomi expressing he never depended on his recommendation to run with Muhammadu Buhari as the presidential applicant in the 2015 decisions.

Abayomi had before assaulted Tinubu, saying he wasn’t content with Buhari being president.

Portion from Sahara Reporters:

Dear Tunji Abayomi: It is said that to blunder is human. By your letter to me, it appears that you look to advise me that I am human. Of this I am always reminded. I know I have committed my offer of errors. Yet, my dynamic slant remains immovably established. In any case, by your tormented and erroneous letter, you have demonstrated that you are human as well.

You have been a companion and will keep on being. Along these lines, I can shed unnecessary convention with the goal that we can get to the essence of the issue. Your vocation is that of a legal advisor and dissident. I value all that you have done in the quest for an all the more just and law based Nigeria. In any case, your letter to me is a hasty showcase unbecoming a man of your status and a man looking for the most elevated administration position in his state. Also, as a legal counselor, you understand that one can’t look for value without having done value.

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