Nigerian man arrested for hacking into banking system, stealing GH¢25,000

A Nigerian man has been captured in Ghana in the wake of hacking into a bank’s electronic mail framework and taking GH¢25,000.

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The suspect recognized as Godwin Onwuneme Udu was grabbed at Haatso, Ghana on July 19, 2016 after his hacking stunt.

Associate Superintendent of Police (ASP) Eugene Nyavor, appointee executive accountable for the Unit unveiled that the bank’s administration, name withheld, was in charge of Udu’s capture before giving him over to the police.

The suspect is asserted to have exchanged the money from a client’s record, into his own record in an alternate bank. Udu had been captured on his approach to pull back the cash.

Udu is uncovered to have been working with other group individuals and have allegedly been included in another extortion case which is being examined by the Documentation Fraud Unit at the police headquarter in Accra.

ASP Nyavor, said that the bank had hailed the exchange, mounting reconnaissance which coincidentally prompted Udu’s capture.

The ASP went ahead to encourage different banks to get specialists who might be accountable for observing their control frameworks, sparing them from whatever other money related misfortunes.

“Financiers should likewise guarantee that they get approval from clients before gigantic wholes of cash are given out, notwithstanding when the conveyor has a check book.”

The suspect has been charged for taking and will be summoned under the steady gaze of the court soon enough.The-suspect-Godwin-Onwuneme-Udu

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