Things APC And PDP Supporters Have In Common

APC-PDP1 Regardless of how our APC and PDP supporters like to make it appear as though they are any “distinctive” from each other, they really share LOTS of likenesses. We should call attention to out, might we?

1) Their remarks are frequently half thought: The moment a string that has Buhari, APC or PDP in it’s title made, a hefty portion of their supporters surge into either “book space” or drop some unessential remark that has NOTHING to do with the subject. Regardless of the fact that the operation is attempting to bode well or attempting to call attention to the ineptitude of our pioneers, they will hurry to guard or mishandle the operation rather than the point. The consequence of this is superfluous bantering that leads no place and whatever message was attempting to be conveyed never gets tended to.

2) They all backing and guard defilement and degenerate pioneers: This is the most fascinating a portion of everything. In spite of the way that PDP essentially shared the majority of Nigeria’s assets among themselves, were not able set up satisfactory framework, have individuals who have been “charged” of a few wrongdoings and so on you will at present discover a few people supporting and notwithstanding trusting of voting them once again into force if given the shot. For whatever length of time that the individual is from their tribe or state, they offer their immovable backing.

APC supporters feel everybody in PDP are all degenerate. That is until they join APC. Sufficiently clever, most APC government officials plundered served under PDP amid the 16 years of one of the world’s most noteworthy plundering ever. To APC individuals, whoever evacuates turn into a programmed holy person and does not should be tested.

3) They advantage nothing for their endeavors: There are a few gossipy tidbits that a large portion of these supporters get paid to post in backing of some specific officers. Be that as it may, despite everything we have not heard any of our nairaland governmental issues area e-warriors getting any political arrangement. In the event that there any, I for one have not knew about them.

4) They offer no answer for Nigeria’s issues: And the greater part of them are really what isn’t right with Nigeria. Their remarks depend on passionate, tribalistic and uninformed premises. They bolster the same individuals who have victimized them blind and clearly have not heard Femi Kuti’s hit, “Dem bobo!”

5) Some of the general population who bolster these legislators don’t live in Nigeria: They have entry to 24 hour power, modest information arranges, a working framework, wear hack belleful so they think it is okay to say whatever they like. Afterall, they don’t remain on fuel lines, don’t need to pay off the police before they can lay a dissension, don’t need to counsel Sango, Ifa or the heavenly soul before setting off to the business sector or manage costs of items that have risen like ijebu garri

6) The rest are stuck in the circumstance: whatever remains of you who all think they have learnt the new information cheat still need to line at your neighbor’s home or at the closest spiking salon or at an eatery to charge your gadgets subsequent to appreciating a dinner of tomatoless creation jollof rice with HOT water(no light na). Kontunu

7) They are all irrelevant according to the lawmakers they bolster: Before races, government officials will guarantee paradise, bring photographs with the “masses”, give guarantees and afterward directly after the races will restrict these same individuals from working together, wipe out their guarantees or create amnesia about them. To them, these masses are just hindering their plunder and the general prosperity of their children who will profit by these plundered assets.

The online networking has been a gift to Nigerian government officials. They now have entry to uneducated adolescents unequipped for objective deduction who bolster them for NO REASON! They plunder reserves, overlook tasks, guarantee and wipe out guarantees and STILL HAVE youths(who are casualties of their detachment) who bolster and will pass on for them. Excellent

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